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Teeth Veneers in St. Louis MO Area

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Teeth Veneers in St. Louis MO Area

Revamp Your Smile for a New, Better You: The Magic of Porcelain Veneers!

Are you ready to transform your smile into a dazzling work of art? Porcelain veneers in St. Louis, Missouri, can give you the amazing smile you’ve always wanted. Whether you want to correct discolored, misaligned, gapped, or otherwise flawed teeth, porcelain veneers from Crestwood Dental Group can fix almost every aspect of your smile. Call Dr. James Maxwell today to discover the unending possibilities of porcelain veneers. Understanding porcelain veneers and what they can do for your smile  Dental veneers are custom-designed, wafer-thin laminates bonded to the front-facing teeth for an incredible transformation. Each dental veneer is handcrafted to meet … Continue reading

White Fillings in St Louis Area

Preserve Natural Teeth and Support Healthy Oral Development with White Fillings

Shiny white teeth have always been the cornerstone of healthy, beautiful smiles we see on TV and in beauty magazines. Regrettably, after years of indulging in sugary foods and slack in dental hygiene, you can lose your healthy teeth to cavities. Sometimes, cavities are genetic, signaling a long battle from childhood to adulthood. Thankfully, there are several ways to win the battle against cavities. Optimal oral hygiene, dental sealants, and limiting the intake of sugary foods can go a long way in keeping cavities in check. However, where damage has already occurred, dental white fillings from Crestwood Dental Group can … Continue reading

Dental Fillings Near Me Kirkwood Area

How can Dental Fillings Protect my Oral Health?

Most people will stare at you when you tell them they need to visit a dentist to have their cavities treated. Since cavities don’t cause any pain, many patients aren’t keen to take proactive care to curb their spread. But guess what? If left untreated, what looked like innocuous holes will develop into larger holes that cause tooth decay and eventually tooth loss! Fortunately, your dental cavities don’t have to grow large, causing tooth decay. Tooth-colored fillings from Crestwood Dental Group can arrest the situation while you still have time. Dental fillings seal off your tooth, protecting it from further … Continue reading

Porcelain Veneers for Teeth in St. Louis MO Area

Porcelain veneers for your teeth: What you need to know

If there is something you’d like to change about the appearance of your teeth, you are not alone. Most people have at least one thing they’d like to change about their smile. Fortunately, there is a convenient solution that can completely transform your smile in as little as two visits: porcelain veneers. At Crestwood Dental Group in St. Louis, Missouri, Dr. James Maxwell uses the latest dental materials and technologies to help patients achieve the smile they’ve always wanted. How porcelain veneers work Porcelain veneers are very small caps of durable dental porcelain that are custom-shaped and shaded to craft your unique, … Continue reading

Cosmetic Dentist at Crestwood Dental Group office located in St. Louis, MO Area

Boost your confidence with tips from a cosmetic dentist in St. Louis, Missouri

With a beautiful smile, you can improve your self-confidence and make a good first impression. Visiting a cosmetic dentist gives you options to enhance your smile. For the best cosmetic dental procedures offered by a dentist near me, look no further than Crestwood Dental Group in St. Louis, Missouri. What is a cosmetic dentist? In the dental and medical fields, cosmetic procedures are designed to change or improve the way you look. Cosmetic dentistry refers to treatments that alter your teeth or gums. Although the primary focus is not on function, your oral health, speech, or bite may be improved as a result of cosmetic procedures. … Continue reading

Clear Teeth Braces at Elite Smiles at Crestwood Dental Group in Pflugerville TX Area

Tooth-colored fillings in St. Louis, MO: A durable, natural-looking cavity treatment

Dental fillings are one of the most common dental treatments. It’s a straightforward way to halt progressive tooth decay. Dr. James Maxwell places tooth-colored fillings in St. Louis, MO at the office of Crestwood Dental Group. The use of a dental material that safely replicates the appearance and function of a natural, healthy tooth is further complemented by techniques that support comfortable, “fear-free” treatment. Cavity treatment Bacteria and starches or sugars in food combine to create plaque. This sticky, acidic bacterial plaque erodes both soft tissues (gums) and hard tissues (teeth). A tooth is eroded from the inside out. Enamel … Continue reading

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