Turkey Stuck in Your Teeth?

brush your teeth during thanksgiving

We’ve all been there before. You’ve just enjoyed one of the most satisfying Thanksgiving meals of your life when you realize there’s turkey stuck between what feels like every one of your teeth. What do you do now?!

Here are a few techniques to get rid of that annoying post-Thanksgiving feeling and to keep your teeth nice and clean!

#1 The Caveman/woman

…Just don’t.

#2 The Toothpick

It’s not the most sophisticated tool, but it certainly does the trick. It’s perfect for getting into the tight spaces that a fingernail otherwise couldn’t reach. Plus, chewing on a toothpick at the table will give you an extra bit of cowboy charm this Thanksgiving—it might get you some extra respect from Uncle Pete!

But, be careful not to harm your gums!

#3 Flossing

Floss is the tried and true method for getting rid of those turkey chunks between your teeth, but if your fingers can’t reach all the way to the back of your mouth, there’s a game-changer called the dental floss pick. This device has dental floss on one side and a pick on the other. It’s a great tool in fighting stray food and plaque buildup every day, including on Thanksgiving.

#4 Waterpik

If you need some powerful reinforcements, look to the Waterpik. It uses pressurized water to wash the turkey right out of your mouth. Not only does it clear the turkey out of your gums, it also gives them a nice bath and clears away the acid and sugar from the other foods you no doubt enjoyed this Thanksgiving day!

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving!