The Steps We Have Taken To Ensure Your Safety And Ours
COVID precautions

The steps we have taken to ensure your safety and ours

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Dr. Maxwell and his team have been working hard on keeping things safe for the patients and the staff here at Crestwood Dental Group. 

Even though we are already been compliant with all OSHA recommendations, we have gone above and beyond what is required by the CDC and OSHA. Below are some of the measures we have taken to keep everyone safe from the Coronavirus: 

COVID Prevention
  • We have medical-grade  HEPA air purifiers throughout the office and in the rooms. 
  •  The chairs in the waiting room are spaced out.  
  • The doctor has purchased extra oral dental aerosol vacuum systems that can filter upto 0.1 microns to be used during his procedures.
  • Each hygienist has his/her own Releaf high volume of pure suction and vacuum suction devices.
  • Isolite systems are used in the operatories. 
  • Hand sanitizers throughout the office 
  • Temperature checks on all patients and staff
  • Hypochlorous acid fogger/misting of office and surfaces for more protection
  • Swiff UV sanitizing box
  • Staff members are required to change their clothes in the office and wear washable gowns.  The linen is also washed here. 
  • All staff is required to wear masks. 
  • Plexiglass Sneeze Guards are up in the front of the office.
  • Face shields are also being used by the back-office staff.
  • Not only are we caviciding all the rooms, we are also spraying them with alcohol and fogging them too. 

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