Laser Dentistry in Crestwood

Laser Dentistry

The Waterlase dental laser allows us to perform most dental procedures with less pain, patient anxiety & faster than ever before. We have been using the Waterlase for over 5 years and we utilize it for most dental procedures we perform at the practice. We perform minimally invasive dentistry whenever possible and the Waterlase is a vital component in the process. Using the Waterlase allows us to perform less invasive procedures with less pain, swelling & bleeding. After surgical procedures, using a laser promotes faster healing & in many cases no sutures.

Laser Dentist St LouisA lot of procedures we perform are done without the need for injections (shots) too. Due to these factors laser dentistry typically takes less time to perform than the traditional drill and fill dentistry. The laser itself is very patient friendly and uses energized water to wash away the decay (or in the case for explaining to children, it washes away the cavity bugs). The Waterlase has revolutionized the way we practice dentistry. It’s the one piece of equipment that we couldn’t imagine practicing without. We have performed fillings on children as young as 3 to a grandma who was 99. Laser dentistry is something we believe every patient should experience.

Waterlase dentistry provides numerous benefits to patients, yet many still have questions after learning about the treatment. To view frequently asked questions about Waterlase dentistry, download Waterlase Dentistry FAQs (PDF).