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Dr. James Maxwell

Yearning for straighter teeth but don’t want the hassle of unsightly, uncomfortable metal braces? Talk to Crestwood Dental Group about our effective, discreet, and convenient treatment options.

A revolutionary treatment that has corrected the smiles of millions of patients over the last two decades. It uses a series of invisible aligners to gradually shift teeth and jaws into their optimal positions.

What is Invisalign?

Crooked teeth


Gapped teeth

Bite problems like overbite and underbite

What dental issues can Invisalign treat?

Consultation with Dr. James Maxwell

Digital impressions of the mouth are taken to plan your treatment.

Aligners are created in the lab using a BPA-free, comfortable plastic.

You receive the aligners with the instructions.

You wear each set for at least 22 hours daily for one to two weeks, and move to the next.

Treatment will take about one year.

Post-treatment, you will wear retainers to maintain your results.

The process

CDG aligners work the same way as Invisalign. They are customized right here at our office, but are more affordable. They are also worn for most of the day and can be removed for eating and cleaning.

~ The alternative ~ Crestwood Dental Group (CDG) aligners

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