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Teeth Veneers in St. Louis MO Area

Revamp Your Smile for a New, Better You: The Magic of Porcelain Veneers!

Are you ready to transform your smile into a dazzling work of art? Porcelain veneers in St. Louis, Missouri, can give you the amazing smile you’ve always wanted. Whether you want to correct discolored, misaligned, gapped, or otherwise flawed teeth, porcelain veneers from Crestwood Dental Group can fix almost every aspect of your smile. Call Dr. James Maxwell today to discover the unending possibilities of porcelain veneers. Understanding porcelain veneers and what they can do for your smile  Dental veneers are custom-designed, wafer-thin laminates bonded to the front-facing teeth for an incredible transformation. Each dental veneer is handcrafted to meet … Continue reading

Dental Fillings in St. Louis MO area

How do I know if I have a cavity and need dental fillings?

Taking care of the teeth and gums improves oral health and wellness, which should always be a top priority. Knowing what to look for when problems arise is also critical. The dentist at Crestwood Dental Group in St. Louis, Missouri, works with patients to educate them on when issues have developed and what to look for as indicators. Certain conditions, including tooth decay, have telltale signs that should not be ignored. What is tooth decay? Tooth decay is best described as an infection that causes a breakdown of the tooth enamel. This type of decay is caused by bacteria in … Continue reading

Crowns for Teeth in St. Louis MO Area

Dental Crowns, The Go-To Treatment for Preserving Damaged Teeth

Tooth damage is not always preventable. Unforeseen accidents on the road, at work, or on the sports field can easily result in damaged teeth. Untreated decay can also take a toll on your teeth, as can ongoing gum disease. At Crestwood Dental Group, we offer a practical solution to repairing damaged teeth through dental crown treatment. A dental evaluation by your St. Louis, Missouri dentist, Dr. James Maxwell, will determine if crowns are the best option for restoring your compromised teeth.  About Crowns for Teeth  Crowns have been used for years to repair teeth compromised by decay, wear and tear, or dental … Continue reading

Natural Looking Bridges in St Louis Mo Area

A Great Way to Replace Missing Teeth with Natural-Looking Bridges

Your teeth were designed to work together for biting, chewing, speaking, and, of course, smiling. When teeth go missing, it can impair your ability to perform these tasks and lower your quality of life. Dr. James Maxwell can help restore your smile with natural-looking bridges at Crestwood Dental Group in St. Louis, Missouri. Dental bridges can improve your ability to eat and speak and give you back a winsome smile. Effects of Losing Teeth Losing one or more teeth can affect the health and performance of all your teeth to some extent. Adjacent teeth may shift to fill the gap … Continue reading

Dental Bridges in St. Louis MI Area

Dental Bridges Benefits You Need to Know About

If you live in St. Louis, you know the value of a beautiful smile. Many of us go through most of our lives with nice smiles. However, our teeth are impacted by wear and tear as we age, including staining, chips, gaps, tooth decay, and more.   Occasionally, an injury or accident and neglectful dental hygiene can cause dental problems. When these dental issues result in missing teeth, a new set of problems is created. Dental bridges are a perfect solution to all these problems. The Problem with Missing Teeth People lose teeth for many reasons, whether because of damage, decay, … Continue reading

White Fillings in St Louis Area

Preserve Natural Teeth and Support Healthy Oral Development with White Fillings

Shiny white teeth have always been the cornerstone of healthy, beautiful smiles we see on TV and in beauty magazines. Regrettably, after years of indulging in sugary foods and slack in dental hygiene, you can lose your healthy teeth to cavities. Sometimes, cavities are genetic, signaling a long battle from childhood to adulthood. Thankfully, there are several ways to win the battle against cavities. Optimal oral hygiene, dental sealants, and limiting the intake of sugary foods can go a long way in keeping cavities in check. However, where damage has already occurred, dental white fillings from Crestwood Dental Group can … Continue reading

Types of Dental Laser Treatments in St. Louis MO Area

The Benefits and Types of dental laser treatments available

Have you ever heard of laser dentistry? While it may sound intense, laser dentistry has revolutionized the way we can perform certain procedures, making them less painful with less discomfort. Laser dentistry is an excellent choice for many patients, including individuals who may be anxious about dental drills. At Crestwood Dental Group in St. Louis, Missouri, we offer several different types of dental laser treatments. What is a dental laser? The term laser is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. What this means is that laser treatment uses focused light energy that produces a reaction when … Continue reading

Preventive Dental Care in St. Louis MO Area

Steps Involved in Preventive Dental Care

When it comes to preventive dental care, you can get various tips from your dentist, Dr. James Maxwell, at Crestwood Dental Group, in St. Louis, Missouri. Taking care of your teeth and gums is incredibly important at any age. While most of us are taught the basics as children, it never hurts to get a short refresher from our dentist. You only have one set of permanent teeth, so it’s essential that you do everything you can to make sure they last for as long as possible. Brush and Floss Regularly One of the most important steps when it comes to preventive … Continue reading

Zirconia Dental Crowns treatment Near Me In St. Louis, MO

Zirconia dental crowns shine to restore damaged teeth to their natural and healthy structure and appearance

Led by Dr. James Maxwell, our team at Crestwood Dental Group in St. Louis, Missouri, has invested in a range of advanced technologies and training on the latest techniques that modern dentistry has to offer. These investments provide real value to our patients; they facilitate the most comfortable and convenient experience, as well as satisfaction with the final results.  Zirconia presents one of the newer-generation dental materials that may be prepared and applied to rebuild a damaged tooth. It is used for a variety of restorative treatments, including dental crowns. All crowns are largely metal and/or ceramic materials designed, shaped, and bonded to … Continue reading

Professional Teeth Whitening in St. Louis MO Area

Have Professional Teeth Whitening for a Gorgeous New Smile

Who in St. Louis, Missouri, would not love having a bright, beautiful smile? Unfortunately, many of the foods and beverages we consume every day can wreak havoc on our smiles and make them less than dazzling. For example, the coffee we enjoy every morning, and the red wine we sip when we’re eating dinner can both affect the brightness of our smiles. However, it’s not just food and beverages that can affect the beauty of our smiles. The passing of time can cause teeth to turn yellow and become dingy-looking. Fortunately, advances in modern dentistry have offered solutions, and Crestwood Dental … Continue reading

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