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Halloween, Candy, & Your Child’s Teeth

Halloween pumpkin candy

The Halloween experience is something that should be enjoyed by all children, but it needs to be done in moderation. By depriving your child of the sweet delights that Halloween has to offer, they could potentially end up sneaking sweets or even binging on them, which has far worse consequences than if they were to enjoy some chocolate or sugary snacks with some rules.

Creating a mindset of moderation is crucial when assessing candy, the holidays, and your child. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about what candy can do to your child’s teeth and how to better protect both their teeth and their overall health.

The Danger of Sugar

The main culprit of candy that creates the biggest issue when assessing the toll it can take on your teeth is processed sugars. These sugars stick to teeth, where bacteria turn them into acid. Acids are highly corrosive in nature and have the potential to wreak havoc on teeth and gums if it is not removed in a swift manner. If sugar sits on the surface of the tooth it can eventually erode the tooth enamel and cause cavities. Also, sugar on the surface of the gums can create issues in the form of gum disease. Sugar tastes great, but must be eaten in moderation.

Texture Matters, Too

After sugar, the gummy makeup of some candies can also create issues due to the fact that the candy sticks to your teeth. While the candy is stuck to teeth and gums, it is forcefully pushing sugars into a concentrated area, while also depriving the mouth of naturally produced saliva that could potentially wash away the candy and leave the mouth nice and clean.

Keep Up With Hygiene

Lastly, maintaining healthy brushing habits is very important. Let your children know that they can enjoy their favorite sugary snacks in moderation, mixed with brushing twice a day and flossing regularly.

If you have any additional questions about healthy brushing habits or how to deal with a pesky cavity or toothache, call us today at (314) 463-5655 or fill out our simple online formOctober is National Hygiene Month, so what better time to get your next cleaning scheduled?

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