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How To Fight Bad Breath

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With the weather cooling down, we’re all going to be in tighter quarters and closer to everybody else. So if everyone else is suffering from your bad breath, you might want to take a look at these tips.


Let’s start with the basics: brush your teeth twice a day. This is the foundation of sound oral health and should be constant throughout your life.


Next, it’s something we should all be doing, but don’t always necessarily get around to it. Of course, I’m talking about flossing. Flossing gets what your toothbrush missed between your teeth and clears away even more of that bad breath causing bacteria.


After you’ve laid the groundwork, it’s time to bring in a tool that’s making a name for itself in the oral care field—the tongue scraper. This device scrapes the buildup and bacteria that develops on your tongue. But if you don’t have a tongue scraper, feel free to use your toothbrush to tackle that residue.


After you’ve gone ahead and scraped your tongue off, take a swill of some tasty mouth wash. Swish it about your mouth for at least a minute so that your mouth can take full advantage of its germ fighting goodness.

Drink (water)

Now your mouth is ready to take on the day, but how do you take care of it during the day with your dental toolbox at home? It’s simple—stay HYDRATED. By drinking water throughout the day, you’re washing away the bacteria which builds up and eventually causes bad breath. Not to mention your body will appreciate the extra H2O. Also, by staying hydrated you shouldn’t be experiencing dry or cotton mouth. However, if dry mouth persists, chewing a piece of gum should cause your salivary glands to start watering and take care of that pesky cotton mouth.

Snack (healthy)

Another option would be to snack on crisp fresh fruits or vegetables like apples or carrots. These foods generally aid in the fight against bad breath by penetrating the gum line and removing any excess bacteria. Plus, they also help in balancing the acidity of your stomach, which can also cause bad breath due to hunger.

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