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Your Teeth Know More Than You Think

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The study of dental sciences is making groundbreaking discoveries every day and some are even more surprising than you might think. In September of 2012, the remains of the King Richard III of England were found beneath a parking lot in in Leicester, England, more than 500 years after his death in the Battle of Bosworth Field.

After dental analysis from isotope signatures of his teeth were performed, it unearthed additional insights into the life of Richard, as well as confirming details about his life that until now could only be guessed.

Your bones and teeth act as the record keepers of your life. Your teeth especially take note of what is coming into your body, since they’re usually the first to be encountered by a substance and how it’s being used. Even centuries later, scientists can determine almost exactly where a person lived and what their diet was like at different stages of life.

For example, in the case of Richard, scientists were able to discover that when Richard was a child he moved from eastern England to western England—Ludlow specifically. The way the scientists were able to deduce this was by examining the strontium and oxygen levels in his teeth. They knew Richard was living further west since the geology and climate of the area caused increased levels of strontium at the corresponding layer of the teeth. These educated insights matched historical records which note that Richard moved to Ludlow as a boy.

Your teeth do much more than grind, shred, and chew your food—they are the silent historians of your life. Take care of your teeth so that someday people may learn from your past.

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