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Crowns for Teeth in St. Louis MO Area

Dental Crowns

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Crowns for Teeth in St. Louis MO Area

Dental Crowns, The Go-To Treatment for Preserving Damaged Teeth

Tooth damage is not always preventable. Unforeseen accidents on the road, at work, or on the sports field can easily result in damaged teeth. Untreated decay can also take a toll on your teeth, as can ongoing gum disease. At Crestwood Dental Group, we offer a practical solution to repairing damaged teeth through dental crown treatment. A dental evaluation by your St. Louis, Missouri dentist, Dr. James Maxwell, will determine if crowns are the best option for restoring your compromised teeth.  About Crowns for Teeth  Crowns have been used for years to repair teeth compromised by decay, wear and tear, or dental … Continue reading

Zirconia Dental Crowns treatment Near Me In St. Louis, MO

Zirconia dental crowns shine to restore damaged teeth to their natural and healthy structure and appearance

Led by Dr. James Maxwell, our team at Crestwood Dental Group in St. Louis, Missouri, has invested in a range of advanced technologies and training on the latest techniques that modern dentistry has to offer. These investments provide real value to our patients; they facilitate the most comfortable and convenient experience, as well as satisfaction with the final results.  Zirconia presents one of the newer-generation dental materials that may be prepared and applied to rebuild a damaged tooth. It is used for a variety of restorative treatments, including dental crowns. All crowns are largely metal and/or ceramic materials designed, shaped, and bonded to … Continue reading

Dental Crowns in Crestwood MO Area

Dental Crowns and How They Benefit Your Smile

Do you find yourself covering your mouth due to fractured, stained, or damaged teeth? Have you mastered the art of dodging photos and smiling with your lips pursed in social gatherings because of your less-than-gorgeous smile? It’s time to smile again broadly because Crestwood Dental Group in Crestwood, Missouri, offers dental crowns that can add magic to your smile. Dental crowns procedure If you want Dr. James Maxwell to place dental crowns, you must be ready for more than one appointment. On the first visit, our doctor will conduct a dental exam to establish the state of your teeth. If he gives you the nod for … Continue reading

Dental Crowns at Crestwood Dental Group in Louis MO Area

Keep the “gateway” to your overall health in great shape, with restorative dental crowns in St. Louis, MO

In the Gateway City and surrounding area, Dr. James Maxwell is your expert in the “gateway” to your overall health: your mouth! His approach to dental crowns in St. Louis, MO helps to avoid the complications caused by tooth decay and gum disease. Crowns and other common dental restorations are designed to resolve damage caused by decay and disease. And, furthermore, these two conditions have big implications for not only your smile, but the health of your body, and the quality of your life. So, crowns support a healthy smile – and much more! Avoid severe oral infections and advanced … Continue reading

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