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Dental caps for teeth in St. Louis, MO restore your smile, offer lasting health

Crestwood Dental Group is proud to have taken root in the Gateway City, and we are glad you have found us for all your family’s oral health needs. We appreciate that our city has some of the world’s leading teaching hospitals and health care facilities and professionals, including almost 1,000 general dentists. Dr. James Maxwell and the team look forward to treating you and your family with the latest dental techniques and technologies. We don’t cut corners when it comes to dental caps for teeth in St. Louis, MO. Dr. Maxwell uses quality ceramics to rebuild teeth damaged by decay, disease, or trauma. You can trust that restorations designed and placed at Crestwood Dental Group will hold up over the long haul, and look like natural, healthy teeth. Patients are happy with the look of their improved smiles and appreciate that the process is easy and stress-free.

Dental caps explained

Our mouths naturally contain bacteria, which feed off the sugars and starches in foods. If these foods are not consistently cleaned from our teeth and gums, sticky bacterial plaque builds up and hardens. The acids in plaque erode your teeth from the outside in, working their way through the enamel. If allowed to progress, decay continues to the innermost part of the tooth. Tartar can also irritate the gums that support our teeth.

Dr. Maxwell and the team at Crestwood Dental Group work with you and your family to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and other conditions that can damage the health and beauty of your smile. Also known as dental crowns, caps may be used to restore teeth that are damaged in a variety of ways:

  • To resolve decay that cannot be treated sufficiently with a large filling
  • As the “finishing touch” following certain dental treatments aimed to “save” a natural tooth with deep decay
  • For tooth replacement with dental implants or bridgework
  • To strengthen weakened teeth

Additionally, caps may be used to cover up poorly shaped teeth or other cosmetic imperfections.

The process

After Dr. Maxwell determines a dental cap is the best option for you, the tooth to be treated is “prepared.” Your mouth is numbed with a local anesthetic. So, you will not feel anything. If you are anxious about any dental procedure, we can also discuss sedative options to put you at ease. Dr. Maxwell reduces the size of the natural tooth and shapes it. So, the cap or crown will fit over and around the natural tooth, just like caps or crowns are designed to fit snugly over people’s heads. We use advanced lasers, such as the Waterlase system, to clean out areas of decay and prepare teeth for restorative procedures. These non-invasive technologies allow for gentle treatment and promote healthy and efficient healing.

The design of the crown is based on an impression or model of the prepared tooth. Our light-touch approach to creating impressions uses an advanced intraoral camera to digitally scan the treatment site. A temporary crown is worn until the permanent crown is made by our skilled lab partners. Once your crown is ready, Crestwood Dental Group will call you, and you will return to our office. So, Dr. Maxwell can remove the temporary and place the permanent cap if everything looks and feels great.

Get ready to love your smile. High-quality, durable crowns are easy to care for and, with good oral hygiene, can last for years. Call (314) 463-5655 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Maxwell at Crestwood Dental Group in St. Louis, MO.

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Dr. James Maxwell

Dr. James Maxwell graduated from Allegheny College with a B.S. Degree in Biology in 1995, and the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine with a Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree in 2000. He stays abreast of developments in dentistry by following over 100 hours of continuing education courses each year, ex. Advanced Laser Dentistry courses and training at The Dawson Academy. He became the sole practitioner of Crestwood Dental Group in 2003.

Dr. Maxwell focuses on cosmetic, restorative, and preventative dentistry though he is skilled in all areas of general dentistry. A member of many professional organizations such as the American Dental Association, Missouri Dental Association, and the Greater St. Louis Dental Society, he has been nominated as a top dentist in St. Louis for five consecutive years by his peers. The list appears in St. Louis Magazine.

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